About Us

VISTA has existed since 2002 that brought multiple large data sets from completed stroke clinical trials and registries under one umbrella.  VISTA runs on a non-profit basis to promote excellence in stroke care and in trial design. By making this data available for academic research, VISTA has facilitated 48 peer-reviewed publications and 57 presentations at international stroke conferences, with an H-index of 10 in its own right. VISTA has also attracted small grants and helped junior fellows to complete work for a higher degree or embark on a research career.

VICCTA follows the same principles as VISTA; anyone with eligible data is welcomed to join the collaboration; each new archive will be run by a steering committee comprising of the investigators who contribute; use of the data and resulting publications will be supervised by those steering committee members. This in turn, attracts more participants to the collaboration, thus enriching VICCTA’s collection into larger, validated and more homogenous data. (Figure 1)


Figure 1: Principles of VICCTA

VICCTA holds ethical approval from West of Scotland Research Ethics Committee (REC reference: 12/WS/0277).